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Thread: Escalante, Canyons, Prima, Donna, Hydra , Windgate willie Ect?

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    Escalante, Canyons, Prima, Donna, Hydra , Windgate willie Ect?

    Hey folks,
    Thanks for all the great info on this site=)
    I am heading to escalate soon and am planning on exploring a few canyons on the route, I know most of the more common canyons, and am looking for some routes more off the beated path, I am experienced canyoneer but I will have few folks with me who are less experienced.

    I have looked all over for any on for on these canyons and cant find any info.

    I don;t kneed much, but I would love to know if any of these are Technical of not. and if so do that have a 4+ or R or X rating.

    Canyons I am looing for in for on:

    Windgate willy

    Also if anyone knows of low 5th or Moqui step accesses in Moody of Choprock canyons so We could get in and out at various points.

    Thanks so Much!

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