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Thread: Ropes that Rescue, Slot Canyon Rescue Workshop FIRES!

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    Ropes that Rescue, Slot Canyon Rescue Workshop FIRES!

    Has anyone heard about ropes that rescue, Slot Canyon Rescue Workshop 13 where they started fires in a pristine Arizona canyon, see the Facebook post below...WTF!

    A problem in previous Canyon Rescue Workshops was that we had in effect, the "tail wagging the dog" in that the Rivers L and R rim teams would dictate WHERE THE TANGENT of the rescue system would be. This problem would not allow for a seemingly difficult slot situation where a canyon casualty needed to be evacuated from a precise location without trying to move them up or down canyon to the rim team rescue location. So, in this class, we decided to for the first time ever use Star Wars style light sabers within a created smoke environment within the slot so that the rim teams would have to set up directly over the CAT (Canyon Access Team) teams location. As you will see by the photo, this worked extremely well for this. We used a very powerful green laser and built a good fire within the slot. One extremely good photo shows the laser as seen from River R. Very exciting development which may become the standard for future slot canyon rescues in full daylight! At night, the green laser can be seen without smoke.

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    This is horrifying -- Illusions canyon is a special and pristine place where an endangered plant species is growing. Ropes that Rescue's lack of judgement on simple outdoors ethics leads me to believe they should not be in a canyon in the first place, let alone attempting to stage rescues. I'm sorry, but from what I see here, these people are idiots and their company should be investigated for defacing public property.

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    There is a lot of comments on the facebook page, again while I appreciate their efforts, there had to be a better way!

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    It appears that the USFS agrees with your comments:

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    Quote Originally Posted by canyoncaver View Post
    It appears that the USFS agrees with your comments:
    Life is Good

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    Yeah, I don't think this was very well thought out.... who would have guessed that smoke signals were a bad idea?

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