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Thread: saving as an mp4 with windows 7 movie maker instead of stupid wmv

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    saving as an mp4 with windows 7 movie maker instead of stupid wmv

    I can't seem to accomplish the thread title. How do you do this in making your videos?

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    To my knowledge, this is not possible. WMV is Windows' own format, like MOV is Apple's format (I think)

    May I ask why you'd like to produce as MP4? WMV and AVI are the most commonly accepted video formats. If you are producing High Def video, it's possible to produce the WMV with 60 frames per second (fps) or even higher in the custom setting in Windows Live Movie Maker, a lot of people miss this and end up producing their High Def video footage at a measly 30 fps.

    And once you save some custom formats including dimensions and frame rate, they'll be listed as a quick option like my 720 60 settings

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    Also, raise the bit rate up, I like between 15000 and 20000

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    Thank you for the tip. I did not know that about Movie Maker. I do know that I do not like WMV format. It seems that nothing uses it beyond windows. My camera gives me mp4s and they seem more universal than WMV. I could go for avi, but I can't seem to have Movie Maker give me anything but wmv.

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    What is the final destination of your video? YouTube? DVD? Or just keeping it on your local hard drive?

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