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Thread: GC12TXQ Kanarraville Falls (Slot Canyon)

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    GC12TXQ Kanarraville Falls (Slot Canyon)

    We hooked up with some friends that wanted to go for this cache this morning. at the TH the parking area was charging $10 per car. we had 5 cars. we found the local church and parked 4 of the jeeps and everyone piled into and on one of the jeeps. (kind of like you would do at the drive in movie) This way we only had to pay for one vehicle. The trail was not bad at first. The water was ankle deep and freezing cold. we had to cross the water several times as the canyon narrowed and the water got deeper and faster. The youngest two of our group were both 5 years old and were great troopers as they led the pack up the canyon. we made it to the first ladder with no problems. the water was still very cold and waist deep at some points. the slot canyon provided very little sunlight that we used as often as possible to get warm. the second ladder was crazy and not much of a ladder. Half of the group stayed behind at this point. we had to use the ropes that were left behind and a few logs that were placed in the waterfall to climb our way to the top. Beyond that point the canyon opened up and the water seemed to be warmer. GPS is useless in this area, and the pictures on the cache page were not accurate at all. we ended up walking right past it. but the stragglers behind us found it and called for us to come back. we found it in a spot were a large tree had fallen against the south side wall. container was on the north side of the water under a large log. it looked like a metel pringles can. it was in good shape. we sighned our names and started back down. on our way down we ran into another geocacher on her way up. we offered our help but she was discouraged by the last waterfall and ladder. she tried but couldn't do it. the hike back was a lot more fun as the water was warmer and the kids were playing a lot more. at one point they found a kind of slide into a deeper pool. they loved it and made a few trips down and then under the water. Back at the parking area, we were surprized by the number of cars and people that were in the parking area and on the trail. this was a very popular place. but the higher you go, the less people there were. Here are some pics that i collected from others in the group in no particular order.Name:  9d2837cc-53a6-4ddf&#.jpg
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    Nice place for a cache. I will have to go after this one next time I'm in the area.

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    Great Pictures, just missed you i guess. Did this 7/16. Wish I would have known about the geocache :(

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    Love that hike! The parking fee was added this year. It seems steep to me (e.g. compared to $2 at Red Cliffs), but the town did put in a nice parking lot a couple years back and there is a lot of traffic moving through that canyon. Unfortunately, not all who visit the falls are considerate of their fellow hikers or the town that allows use of the canyon. Every time I go up I haul out tons of trash. Very frustrating. Anyways, I digress. Great pictures and TR!

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