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Thread: Slot Canyon in New Mexico

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    Slot Canyon in New Mexico

    I just signed up for bogley after being a lurker for over a year. I love this canyoneering section! I thought I'd post on a slot canyon in New Mexico. It's at Tent Rocks National Monument- halfway between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. You have to cross indian reservation land to get there, so the road is dirt and washboardy, but generally not bad. The access fee is $5 or so. The Tent Rocks are made of volcanic ash with harder caprock on top. If you want to see the best tent rocks, there's a slot canyon to hike through. It's a walk-through canyon. You can see it all in a casual half-day.

    I've attempted to attach a picture.

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    Try again with the picture.... I'd really like to see the canyon.

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    People get bent out of shape on this site if there aren't pictures :)
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    Read this thread on how to attach pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscGo
    People get bent out of shape on this site if there aren't pictures :)

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    Attempting to attach pictures!
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    Quote Originally Posted by uintahiker
    Attempting to attach pictures!

    I hear you :).

    Thanks for posting your pictures. That first one is awesome! Do you have the GPS coordinates by chance?
    "My heart shall cry out for Moab..." Isaiah 15:5

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    Approximate GPS coordinates are:

    N 35

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    [quote=uintahiker]Approximate GPS coordinates are:

    N 35
    "My heart shall cry out for Moab..." Isaiah 15:5

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    Tent Rocks is very cool. Is this the main path through or on a spur trail? I know you have to be careful about where you go because it is on reservation land!

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