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Thread: Marjorie, Weir, and Long lakes in the Uintas (TR and pics)

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    Marjorie, Weir, and Long lakes in the Uintas (TR and pics)

    So yesterday I hooked up with a guy off the BFT forum, my brother, and a friend of mine. The four of us hiked out of the Crystal lake trailhead, and followed the very well marked and traveled trail to Marjorie. We stepped off at the crack o' dawn, and saw nary but one person that early.
    The hike in was beautiful. The trails are well marked and navigation is easy. Despite a full parking lot, we saw nobody, not even fresh sign of people (except one guy coming off the trail at 0730 when we got there ).
    Marjorie was a bust. The fish were feeding, and I had over a dozen strikes on flies, but I couldn't get a damn single fish to hook up. The rest of the party caught a couple on lures, but nothing to write home about.
    After lunch we beelined it to Weir. The fishing there was on, and within a few casts I was catching fish. No trophies, but some beautiful little cutts and brookies. We started seeing other people, but probably no more than about 8, as they hiked by on the trails.
    After awhile the fishing turned off and we headed to Long. Nothing there. A few more people, and some were camped around Long. On the hike out, we saw a few more people hiking the main trail, but nothing near the crowds I was warned about. Best i figure, most of the cars in the parking lot were people who went in early and hiked way into secluded lakes and campsites. Lots of mountains to swallow up those people, and even though we were on the beaten path, we had peace, quiet, and solitude.
    All in all it was a fabulous day. Lots of ground and water covered. Great weather.
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    Very nice report and good lookin' feesh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by accadacca
    Very nice report and good lookin' feesh!
    They weren't big, but they were fiesty, and the colors were amazing.
    I tried to get a few more to pose for the camera, but they were quite eager to get back in the water....

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    Yup, those high altitude critters sure buck around. I had a hard time getting them to pose in the winds.

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