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Thread: Nude Hot Spring

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    Nude Hot Spring

    Hey Sombeech,

    Do you remember when we went up with some dates to that hot spring up Ogden canyon? I remember showing up and seeing some kind of pool thing. Then there was some guy in the buff just chillin. We got the Hell outta there quick!

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    Oh yes. The hot springs in Ogden Canyon. Oh man, I don't think I will ever venture down there again. Dirty, skanky, and diseases not even that hot water can kill.
    Back in High School, Chivato, Kill Em All, myself and some others had quite the experience with some skinny dippers in there.
    There's this old guy in there, so we decide to chill out in there. Then these two girls come and didn't have their swimsuits, so you know where this is going..
    Anyways, our friend Josh puts his hand up on the edge and feels something mossy. He looks down and it's the old guy's underwear. He decided to join the party.
    We got the hell outta there.

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    Yes, it was quite the story to tell. He actually didn't tell us that he put his hand in the old man's underwear until after we had left.
    That's the last time I got in those hot springs.

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