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Thread: Presta valve hate

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    Presta valve hate

    I can't stand presta valves. Don't see the point, and they are always a hassle for me to deal with on the trail. I am thinking of taking the plunge into tubeless this summer, and was wondering if you can do tubeless with schrader valves.
    Why even use presta? Schrader seems like a more sure bet...have always had Schrader on my BMX's....
    AM i just being a whiney byotch?

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    Presta valves hold higher pressures better. It matters on road bikes but either is fine for MTB.
    I like Presta better, maybe. My first mountain bike way back had Schrader valves and the tube would rotate around inside the wheel, putting the valve at an angle and eventually straining and ripping the tube. With the nut on the Presta valves, never had that problem.

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    Never had a problem with prestas. What is your exact issue with them? The little twisty thing you have to unscrew to fill them?
    Mountain guy trapped in the wetlands of Florida.

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