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Thread: Should I get a ping pong table?

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    Should I get a ping pong table?

    We have a nice partially-finished basement with room for table tennis.
    A decent family-grade table sells for about 350-400 on Amazon (Stiga).
    Has anyone bought one of these and found them to be a white elephant, or has it been great for you?
    I do live in Wisconsin, so finding warmer things to do for the 9-month winters is appealing to me.

    Thanks for your advice!

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    We've had a ping-pong table in our basement for two decades.
    Our kids played with friends occasionally, and we often played doubles with our family (Boys rule and girls drool!) :)
    Kids are gone now, but my wife and I still play each other, best of these 3, at least once a week (usually with a beer nearby and Alexa playing some music).
    But yes, there have also been 3 month stretches where the table was just piled with junk (especially when daughter was home from school and living in the basement).
    It's all personal choice. Have you ever played before?
    They are cheap enough that you can get it, try it, and sell it later if you don't like it without being too expensive.

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    We have a pool table with a removable ping pong table that sits on top of it.

    Ping pong get used way more than the pool table and doubles as a large dining table, game / puzzle table

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