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Thread: Heading to the US - looking to meet people or join any groups...

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    Heading to the US - looking to meet people or join any groups...

    Hey all!

    I'm flying from England to the US for a few weeks in September to do whatever canyons I can in Utah (or Arizona).

    I'd made plans to meet a friend for some of this time [who I met through here actually], and then meet another friend for the remainder of the time. However, the second person's had to pull out due to work, which will leave me with quite a few free days (and I don't really want to solo any canyons).

    As a result, I'm looking to meet up with anyone who's free in this period. If you've already got a group with plans and wouldn't mind another person joining... or if you're free that period and fancy meeting up to make a plan, please do drop me a message! I've got a lot of days to fill!

    In terms of background - I've done Keyhole, Pine Creek, Round Valley Draw, Subway (2x), Diana's Throne, Egypt 3, Benson Creek, Birch Hollow, Goblin Valley, Neon, Arch Nemesis, Cassidy Arch and Tenaya Canyon [Yosemite]. I tended to head out to the US each year to do slot canyons but covid temporarily put paid to this.

    I'm totally flexible - I'd just like to squeeze in whatever I can! Its all very last minute due to those change of plans.



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