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Thread: Bogley time warp?

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    Bogley time warp?

    Couldn't get into Bogley yesterday. Today it seems i'm back in December 16. Where will Bogley and me be tomorrow?

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    Is this the end of Bogley as we know it???
    Life is Good

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    It's happened at least twice before that I know of...I don't know what's going on because no one comes in to explain it. A hack? Some kind of crash?...funny, after all these years I haven't the slightest idea who is in "charge" around here. Seems like Iceaxe has some pull, and I recall some dude who very RARELY posts is the big kahuna.

    First time it happened I reckoned I pissed someone fact I was "locked out" for a number of years. But in the end I'm glad to see the site isn't hitting the skids...which occurred to me considering there's only about 6 of us left around here. What happened to Rockgremlin?...haven't seen that dude in months. He pulled a 'Beech.
    The end of the world for some...
    The foundation of paradise for others.

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    Bogley comes back as December 16 because it was restored from a back up... why it had to be restored I don't know.

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    Are we back?

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