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Thread: Permits REQUIRED in April to hike Angel's Landing....

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    Permits REQUIRED in April to hike Angel's Landing....

    Starting April 2022, Permits to hike Angels Landing will be required. Does anyone know if you can still hike to the Scout Lookout and on up the west rim trail without a permit?
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    Well it appears they're not going to post a ranger at the top of the Wiggles...and it says they "may" ask to see the permit at the Grotto?'ve got the access to all those canyons up there along with a hike to the rim and that whole, big popular backpacking they would regulate all that seems utterly impossible.

    Check permits at the Grotto?....that doesn't make any sense.

    I would imagine you'll be able to experience all that's up there and the Wiggles without the Landing permit...but then again, maybe they intend to thin the crowds that go that direction. Who knows?'ll be interesting to find out.

    I remember when you could drive up there and hike anywhere you wanted at anytime. Now if Capitol Reef should get like this, then we've really got a problem.
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    Permits in Zion have been part of canyoneering for 20 years... it took me about one week 20 years ago to learn you didn't really need to pull a permit if you were so inclined. YMMV

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    I dont blame ZNP for introducing restrictions there. Last time I hiked Angels Landing was on Christmas Day 2006, it was all ours! I've been to ZNP several times since then, and it's just ruined (until you get off the beaten track and find canyons & trails).

    I wouldn't bother with mainstream ZNP's like New York 5th Avenue. Last time I went (2018 before Covid) I couldn't even get in the park, and Springdale charged me $20 to park on their streets. Let the tourists have their fun and fall off Angels to their heart's content.

    Scout Lookout is NOT Angels Landing; certainly if you have a West Rim trail pass that allows you there. And Byron, please don't mention CR too loudly...that's about the last unspoiled NP there is . And CNY.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob L View Post
    I wouldn't bother with mainstream ZNP's like New York 5th Avenue.


    For the last 15 years, 95% of our ZNP action has been doing canyoneering or exploring outside the main canyon. On recent visits to the park, I've questioned my wife what people do in ZNP if they're not canyoneering - she hasn't had an answer.
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