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    My favorite sport

    Best Embroidery Machine For Personalized Designs: Brother Innov-is NQ1700E Review

    If you're looking for the best home embroidery machine, read on to learn more about the Brother Innov-is NQ1700E machine! This powerhouse is a game-changer that unleashes your creativity and adds a unique charm to every project. Get ready for an exciting review that explores this embroidery machine's fascinating features, outstanding performance, and unbeatable value in this article.

    In-depth Reviews of The Brother Innov-is NQ1700E

    Key Features of The Brother Innov-is NQ1700E

    Get ready, because we're about to dive into the amazing features that make the Brother Innov-is NQ1700E a superstar in the world of home computerized embroidery machines. Here's what makes this machine really stand out from the crowd:

    • Large embroidered area: With a 6" x 10" embroidery area, this home embroidery machine allows you to create huge designs and add complex details.
    • Color LCD touchscreen: The easy-to-use embroidery machine features a user-friendly touchscreen display that enables simple navigation and design modification.
    • Advanced needle threading system: Say goodbye to tedious hand threading and hello to the automatic needle threader that does all of the work for you.
    • Integrated designs and fonts: Choose from 258 built-in embroidery designs and 13 monogramming fonts, or use the USB connector to transfer your own designs.
    • Automatic thread cutter: The machine's automatic thread cutter saves time and work by trimming both upper and lower threads with the touch of a button.


    The Brother Innov-is NQ1700E is one of the best rated embroidery machines available. With exceptional performance, it makes embroidery projects a breeze. Offering 850 stitches per minute, it ensures quick and accurate completion of your projects.


    The Brother Innov-is NQ1700E is an affordable embroidery machine that offers exceptional value for its price point. Anyone seeking to add embroidery to projects or create personalized designs should consider investing in this product, given of its robust performance and impressive feature set. Furthermore, this machine's longevity is assured, given Brother's renowned track record of dependability and customer assistance.

    Pros and Cons of Brother Innov-is NQ1700E

    To provide a well-rounded review, here are some pros and cons of the Brother Innov-is NQ1700E:


    • Because it can import custom designs and embroider a large area, the Brother Innov-is NQ1700E takes you to a world of endless options. It's easy to make logos, monograms, and complicated designs.
    • Magic that is easy to use: The easy-to-use embroidery machine is perfect for even newbies. With its beautiful LCD touchscreen, moving between settings and options becomes a breeze.
    • Very good results: The Brother Innov-is NQ1700E does embroidery that is amazingly precise and goes above and beyond all hopes thanks to features like tension control and perfect stitch placement.
    • Wireless connectivity for convenient design import


    • Pricey: While it does offer great value for its features, the Brother Innov-is NQ1700E may still be considered expensive for some budget-conscious embroiderers.
    • Insufficient customer support: Regrettably, there have been reports of difficulties in obtaining adequate customer support for technical issues with the machine.


    The Brother Innov-is NQ1700E is undeniably the best embroidery machine for home use available for creating personalized designs. With its advanced features, high-quality performance, and user-friendly interface, it is a top choice for both beginners and experienced embroider. If you're seeking to elevate your embroidery skills and produce stunning personalized designs, the Brother Innov-is NQ1700E is unquestionably a machine worth considering.

    Curious to explore more about the foremost embroidery machine reviews and comparisons? Head over to CraftsSelection for an abundance of reviews, recommendations, and useful tips. By visiting CraftsSelection, you're taking one step closer to creating masterpieces of your own. Your creativity deserves the best support, and with CraftsSelection, you'll find all the resources to ensure that every stitch is perfection.

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