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    Utah 2021


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    Utah played Utah football.....get ranked nationally, and then think that all they'd have to do is walk onto the field and they'd win.

    They got smacked in the mouth.

    Mid-tier team, should consider themselves lucky to make the Hobby Lobby Craft-and-Scrapbook Bowl.
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    Ya'll are hard on your team. I saw flashes of a really good team. I still think Utah can win the PAC 12 south. You have an exceptional coach and I still thing Brewer is a good QB. Whit said after the game, and I agree with him, that the D-line was not the typical Utah D-line. I have a feeling that they will show much better the rest of the season. Whit will make sure of that. I also think that Utah was not ready for the environment at Lavell Edwards stadium that was deafening at times. From going from Covid play with no fans and starting the season against Weber to the 64K fans, that must have been tough. Brewer seemed rattled on the last Utah drive. Anyway, I'm still following the Utes and hope they have a great rest of the season. If so, my Cougars look better! BTW, I watched Max Hall walk past me, take a photo with a Ute fan wearing a crimson red shirt that said "Max Hall hates me" and then give him a big bro hug. It was quite entertaining. We all yelled at the Ute fan to "take it off" but he kept the shirt on and looked a wee bit embarrassed after. It was a fun moment during the game. Max did apologize on the radio prior to the game for his comments 12 or 13 years ago. Can we all be friends now?
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    Wow... the Utes are 0 - 2 in the Mountain West Conference to start the season. I stand by my "harsh" comments from last week, Utah just sucks, period. The offensive line looks like Swiss cheese, and our starting quarterback has to run for his life much of the time.

    The irony here is that before the season began Kyle Whittingham claimed this was the "best team he's ever coached."

    Outplayed and outcoached... it may be time to make some changes on the hill.
    It's only "science" if it supports the narrative.

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    Just curious.... does Utah ever run any other play on 2nd down other than handoff to the back up the middle?

    My God, just imagine what would happen if they faked that play just once on a play action pass?

    The Aztecs were completely stacking the box on second down knowing exactly what play was coming. Ditto the kitties last week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    Just curious.... does Utah ever run any other play on 2nd down other than handoff to the back up the middle?

    My God, just imagine what would happen if they faked that play just once on a play action pass?

    Holy shit... 4th and short and Utah ran a flea flicker that goes for a TD.... the entire USC Defense was crashing the box because Utah always runs between the tackles in that situation...LMAO...

    I'd like to think the last two games was just sucking USC into this play, but we all know the conservative offense will return shortly.

    Anyhoo.... nice beat down of USC in the Coliseum.

    And why in the hell was Brewer ever QB1? Rising is much better. Of course this is the same Utah that had Alex Smith at QB2 until and injury to QB1 allowed Smith to get into the game.

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    So it ends up the flea flicker was supposed to be a handoff straight up the middle.... Rising misread the play signaled in from the sidelines... LMAO...

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    So next weekend the number 1 team in the south plays the number 1 team in the north and the game is on the PAC 12 network.

    Utah (and Oregon State) get no respect.

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    If you’re not watching the Utah Oregon game, you’re missing a beauty.

    Oh, and the football game is pretty good, too.

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    Has to go down as one of Utah's most complete games in history.

    I'd rank it right there with the shredding of Alabama.
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