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Thread: Too smoky to hike in the Winds this week?

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    Too smoky to hike in the Winds this week?

    We have a trip planned for the Winds this week, but the smoke looks horrible near Pinedale, Titcomb Basin.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? I am super sensitive to smoke and was hoping for an update. Ranger station is useless.

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    Your best bet is to call a business in one of the towns up there close to the mountains. Don't call a grocery store or some gas might get some airhead. Instead, call some place that sells outdoor power equipment or an RV Park. There is also a website that shows where the smoke is in real time with air quality reading all over the's really good. Just look up "Wildfire smoke 2021" and it'll come up. It's a map...kinda looks like Google Maps.

    Here, found it for

    I tried to copy and paste but it won't do it.
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