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Thread: BYU Football 2021

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    BYU Football 2021

    This is huge... not just for BYU, but for college football in general... this is a game changer...

    BYU's landmark NIL agreement

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    Yep, I'm proud of my Cougars.
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    Sounds like BYU going to the Big 12 is a done deal?

    If I heard correctly, that would be all sports as well? That would be a huge step up for basketball! Nice!

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    Joining the Big 12 would be a big step up for BYU all the way around.

    Last time around the LGBTQ community came out in force against BYU joining and was a big reason an invitation was never presented. This time around the LGBTQ community is mostly silent, I'm just curious why the difference.

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    It's been a huge weekend for the Cougars...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    It's been a huge weekend for the Cougars...

    I think their Big 12 invitation contributed to their win. They couldn't very well get invited to a big boy conference and then turn around and get spanked yet again by an average Pac12 Utah team, now could they?
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    Yep, it is good to be a Cougar! I was at the game and this was the second most engaged crowd that I have experienced in the stadium (LES). The only other time I have experienced a crowd like the one on Saturday night at LES was when BYU and Ty Detmer beat then #1 ranked Miami. It was good to yell, jump around and just plain cut loose with 63K fans. The 9-11 tribute was very well done and there was even a flyover. Nothing sounds more like freedom to me than the sound of our awesome air force jets roaring overhead.
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    BYU: 3

    The"mighty" Pac12: Zero
    It's only "science" if it supports the narrative.

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    Zach Wilson on pace to throw 76 picks this season...

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    ^^^^^ Oh boy, I hope not!
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    Has anyone else noticed.... if BYU can get by USC in November they will win the PAC 12 South and should get to play Oregon to see who goes to the Rose Bowl.

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    BYU is headed in the right direction, the pac-12 is not.
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    And the dream hits a wall in Boise State.

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    Cfp for BYU hopeful fans ended,

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    Quote Originally Posted by gholt View Post
    Cfp for BYU hopeful fans ended,
    Yup, witb one lose the next stop is the WhoGivesAShit Bowl. The Big 12 can't come soon enough.

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    Gratefully, I was enjoying Teton National Park and missed that game. Ugggg.
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    Baylor welcomes BYU to the Big 12.

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