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Thread: On this day, 2009 Maybird Gulch

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    On this day, 2009 Maybird Gulch

    On this day, 2009 Maybird Gulch

    Getting a late start to hike from White Pine trail-head to Maybird Gulch. Feeling kind of lazy, this late start accomplished two things however. One, some parking spots would be freed up at the trail-head. Two, nice evening light to photograph on the ridges and peaks. A final benefit was cooler evening temperatures at the finish of the hike. The wildflowers were putting on a show at higher elevations.

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    2009? What...are you retired now?
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    Ha, no, just forever behind on recent photography and sharing these older outings as they come up with the On This Day feature where they are hosted is fairly easy...
    I do still need to get up to some summits this year before the end of hiking season.

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    Beautiful pics. I like them a lot. Thanks for sharing.

    Maybird Gulch is definitely a nice out of the way gem. Once you leave the heavily trafficked Red Pine Lake trail, you are pretty much in solitude, away from the crowds. It's a shorter trail to get to a couple of nice beautiful lakes, with great views of Pfief. If you add to it the C3 scramble up that ridgeline to the West of the lakes, you also get great front seat views of Lighting Ridge, as well as a wonderful perspective of the ridgeline between BCC and LCC up and down all of LCC. All around, it's a great short hike with few crowds, great views, with a fun scramble that can be done earlier in the season that the peaks if you want to avoid snow.
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