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Thread: Mount Timp Trailhead

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    Mount Timp Trailhead

    What are the pros and cons of hiking Mount Timpanogos from the Timpooneke trailhead versus the Aspen Grove trailhead? Specifically in terms of photography. Thanks in advance.

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    Aspen Grove has several waterfalls that the trail goes under/past as it goes up the main drainage. Those are pretty good picturesque spots. I remember Timpooneke had at least 1 bigger (wider) waterfall, but not several of them like AG does. Aspen Grove is more exposed and has more rock and granite. Timooneke has more trees and foliage.

    If you're looking for photos ops from both sides, maybe climb up one and down the next, and grab a shuttle/hitchhike/uber back to you beginning side.

    Best of luck. They are both great hikes, with great views.
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    I was up Timpooneke on Saturday. I was off trail on purpose exploring a ridgeline which offered sweeping views of the lower part of the trail (pic 1). I was up there again this morning and ran into 6 moose (three separate pairs of 2). I have seen about 2-3x the number of moose on the Timpooneke side over the years. Timpooneke also starts 468' higher elevation wise, so if you plan to summit that head start always helps ;)

    Aspen Grove is more exposed, and surrounded with a much more cliffy landscape for the first 5 miles. I have seen more mountain goats on the AG side, but they also frequent the saddle area and beyond where the 2 trails merge.

    The snow is 100% gone from Timpooneke as of Saturday, and with any luck the last remaining bit will melt from AG by the weekend.

    My GPS watch shows 7.25 (+/- 0.05) every single time from either trailhead.

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    I prefer the Timpooneke Trail. It's a little longer but not as steep. Also more shade this time of year. You can also easily visit the B-25 crash site when using Timpooneke, it only adds about 30 minutes.

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    Also, from a photography perspective, The wildflowers will be peaking early this year in the upper basin. I expect it will be sometime mid to late July, which will catch a lot of people off guard due to the early snow melt off.

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