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Thread: Bluewater Canyonator core shot after 1st use

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    Bluewater Canyonator core shot after 1st use

    I was given the bluewater canyonator as a gift 2 years ago, but due to the pandemic never got out to use it until this summer. I unwrapped it and took it out. First rappel was a single strand rappel with a biner block. After pulling the rope we noticed that a part of the rope on the clove hitch had a core shot with the sheath worn away and the core exposed. Iíve done biner blocks many many times and never experienced this. This rope pull was not difficult and on smooth sand stone. I canít figure out how this happened.

    Of course we didnít take picture, stupid of us. We cut the section out and used the other 2 pieces to get through the canyon.

    Iíve contacted bluewater twice and the person at the helpline keeps telling me someone will call me back but that hasnít happened. Iíve also emailed them but received no response. Iím not even hunting for a free replacement or anything, just trying to figure out what might have happened and if the now 2 ropes (since we cut out the core shot portion) should be retired.

    So since Iím getting no help from bluewater, what do you think should be done? Retire the basically brand new rope and get a new rope (not from bluewater lol). This is probably a random occurrence, but the customer service hasnít instilled much confidence.

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    That is a bummer deal. I have own this rope and completed 30+ canyons with it. Not knowing the details related to your experience it maybe "bad luck" but I am not sure. Just got a new one. The only reason I got this rope a second time because it was a gift. I would NOT get this rope again! This rope is very stiff and hard to break in. Even after breaking this "rope in" it is was wire like.

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    Iím open to critique if someone has had this happen before due to a technique issues. But after reviewing everything over in my head, I kind of agree it might just be bad luck. As for the rope, it was pretty stiff, but I assumed it was just a new rope and it would break in. Good to know it seems to stay that way.

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    They are ropes used over rocks. Sometimes they last 5 years, sometimes 5 min. Canyoneering is a relatively inexpensive sport and the gear used is expendable and replacable and should be whenever prudent

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    Was the clove sawing against the rock? If so, creeping the rope may have prevented this.

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    I have a block you might be interested in which would solve this issue.

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