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Thread: Baja on a bike

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    Baja on a bike

    So I'm building a deluxe truck camper and part of the plan is to spend a good deal of winter time in as a result I've been doing research. My plan is to be quite familiar with the peninsula before I even venture down there...and I reckon to learn a bit of Spanish this summer, too. I was there a couple years ago on a kayak trip and was very impressed with the place.

    So I'm cruising around Youtube and stumbled onto this. This may be the best thing I've ever seen on Youtube...yes, it's two hours long, but when you have the time, watch it...because it's absolutely fantastic.

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    ^^^That's pretty impressive. Do you plan on riding the length of the Baja, like they did? Or just go hang out in spots with your truck, and then go on day rides from there?

    That reminds of a kid that grew up in my neighborhood. I knew his older bro - who was my age - pretty well, but not him so well. But, when he grew up, he started a local bike shop, and him and his wife are super lean and long distance athletes. Several years back, they headed to Europe and bike packed all over Europe - with a couple of young toddlers in tow. Camping, site seeing, and biking all over while towing their food, camping gear, and a couple of younguns in those bike tow buggies for a couple of weeks. Pretty impressive to be able to do that.

    For me - I'm good for a few hours on the bike, and then I'm done. I hate cardio. I hate it even more for long periods of time.
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    I have no intention of bike packing like this. I can certainly do it, and it's admirable...but I've spent the last 35 years doing a lot of very intense backpacking and not having to rely on anything but my pack and my feet suits me just fine. I'll ride my bike plenty while I'm down there, but I will not buy panniers or do overnights. Don't need to...especially when I've got this fancy camper to hang out in! Bean burritos and power bars?...kinda done with that.

    This guy is quite interesting. He has a lot of videos on Youtube and I've enjoyed them. Really kind soul.
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    Made it to Cabo in a Vega end of '75. The Baja Book by Tom Miller proved to be an excellent guide. He published two more editions before he died in the '90s. I'm sure there are current and useful guides out there, hard copy or on line.

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    Looks like a fun experience.

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