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Thread: What did you do during the Scam-Demic?

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    What did you do during the Scam-Demic?

    Want to know how the hot young stripper wife and I spent our time during the great Scam-Demic... two week long trips to Mexico, 9 trips to Lava Hot Springs (no Covid in Idaho), two trips to the Horse Races at Wyoming Downs (no Covid in Wyoming). Several road trips in the Corvette. A weekend at the Idaho Regatta, better known as the Burley Boat Races. Tubed the Provo River a dozen times, tubed the Weber River 6 times, tubed the Portneuf River 4 times and tubed the Snake River once. Spent nearly a week on the Bonneville Salt Flats for Speedweek. Visited several car shows. Lots of hiking and mountain biking. Had lots of fun at several local bars that don't have Covid playing pool, throwing darts, watching strippers, eating good food, enjoying concerts and live music. The bars and clubs will remain nameless so Karen doesn't report them and get them shut down. Became grandparents for the first time. Had several large family parties for baby shower, Thanksgiving and the Superbowl. But mostly we have just been enjoying our lives, living the dream with friends and family, and not cowering in our basement like a little bitch. Live life today as tomorrow is never guaranteed.

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    Are you insane?! How early on did you get Covid? How many of your family members died from Covid? How unbelievably selfish and irresponsible! I'm appalled!!

    But seriously, I'm curious how it affected your business. I'm guessing it slowed down at least a little bit?
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    At the time Covid hit it didn't effect my engineering company at all as we were booked 6 months out. 2020 was one of our best years in the last 12.

    But 2021 so far has been in the toilet. Since 80% of my work is in mining and energy it's hard to say how much is Covid and how much is Creepy Joe Biden.

    Interestingly membership was down about 20% last year and I'm blaming that all on Covid as membership has been pretty consistent for 20 years. I just don't think most folks were recreating outside their known comfort areas, and I think folks are being very conservative with spare cash as the future is so uncertain.


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    The wife and I went from 12 hours of work/day to 16 hours.. we each gained easily 15 pounds due to ass-in-chair. I tried to still get out, but we both bought Jeeps, so our levels of personal activity declined further due to Jeep syndrome. Late 2020 to current date, we've spent a ton of time driving south to Panguitch and Kanab reviewing 12+ acre properties for sale. Just returned an hour ago..
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    Got richer. Had a paradigm shift in my "World View" as it is...a nice little hip check. Worked a bit more than I had planned but that's OK...cuz it's all behind me now. It was also a year where I experienced people on a much more emotional level than ever before. Discovered quite definitively that I don't stand in lines very well.
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    I was busier than I have ever been at work. 2019 was my previous best year and I increased production by almost 40% in 2020. 2021 is still early, but I am trending to another 20% increase on what I did last year. I love the money, but am getting a little burned out on the hours I am working these days. This will probably be the first year in quite a while that I don't ski 50+ days in a season. I think other than weekends, I only have 6 or 7 midweek days. No bueno for my mental health. I hate passing up on business but the whole work-life balance is getting a little out of whack these days. On the good side of things, we did upgrade our house here, and bought a new rental in Florida. Fingers crossed for a good bike season.
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    ^^^No one on their death bed ever said I wish I had of worked more.

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    Did pretty much everything we wanted to do, the same as every year and business has increased by 30%.

    Bring on another scamdemic

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2065toyota View Post
    Did pretty much everything we wanted to do, the same as every year and business has increased by 30%.

    Bring on another scamdemic
    Yeah, it was a really good year for making doubt about that. But I've got a feeling the next one they unleash will really kick some ass...this was just a test run.
    The end of the world for some...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Byron View Post
    Yeah, it was a really good year for making doubt about that. But I've got a feeling the next one they unleash will really kick some ass...this was just a test run.
    Not going to happen. The Chinese got exactly what they wanted, which is Trump gone. The Biden administration will happily bend over and let them start raping us again.

    Got to give the Chinese credit, their economy was in shambles and the trade war was lost... and in only 9 months the managed to snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat.

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    the dems next scheduled program is a massive death, gun incident and likely coming soon.

    The china flu was so last year and like Shane stated--it's outcome couldn't have been any better for the chinese and democrats--but I repeat myself....
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    It'll come back.

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    My take is a little...different. When I say "test run", I mean it. Oh, without a doubt, the virus served it's purpose...they tried everything short of assassination to get rid of him and the Covid was the weapon of last resort, a literal no-win situation...they backed him right into a corner with nowhere to go and leveled anyone that would have his back otherwise. It was a masterstroke, really.

    So that's undeniable, but here is where things get a little sideways...why do you think the Oligarchs are raping the treasury without regard to the consequences? Do you really think they're going to let the crush of humanity destroy the planet...wether it's 10 years from now or 50? Does anyone really believe that these people wouldn't hesitate to snap their fingers and do a Thanos on half the worlds population, at least?...remember that these people are secularists and don't believe in any type of "punishment" in the hereafter...they'll consider themselves morally justified. The "clean, green world vision" that they fantasize about will be theirs as soon as they can make it happen...and it 'aint got nothing to do with electric cars and recycling trash.

    Sounds rather sinister, eh?...why the hell not? Yes, they have a lot of moves to make to set this up, but look at how damn easy Covid was for them. When I was still a teenager I figured the powers that be would make the big cleansing before the end of this century...I hoped to be long dead before it happened...figured it would probably be large scale war that did it...but that was so "40 years ago".

    A line from the movie "V for Vendetta"..."Nuclear weapons are meaningless when a virus can destroy an entire population and keep its wealth intact".

    I don't think what we just experienced was a one and done proposition.
    The end of the world for some...
    The foundation of paradise for others.

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