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Thread: Bead leak

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    Bead leak

    I recently went with the Tubliss system on my 450x. I bought the bike used and hadn't noticed that the front wheel has a little bend in it (likely the previous owner ran it flat). I mounted the tubliss system and new tire but the bead has a leak where the bend is. With tubliss i can run low pressure but the leak is too fast to keep air pressure all day. I can live with a slow leak but not making the entire day is a pain. I really don't want to buy a new wheel or dismount the tire again. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best product to use to seal the bead while mounted?

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    If you can actually see the bend you might be in luck with this product...I paint houses for a living and this stuff is just awesome. Apply it with a Q-tip or chopstick and let it dry overnight. Take it for a ride the next day and spray it with soapy water to see if it held up. I've got a feeling that any "tire sealant" is simply going to be too thin to close the gap. Although this might seem like a half assed hack I'd give it a shot.

    This stuff blows Shoe Goo away by a thousand fold...I bought a pair of 5.10 biking shoes and quickly had a stitching blow out...used this to close the gap and it's held tight for three years! Shoo Goo doesn't last very long. This stuff is really heavy duty...get it at Home Depot.

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    Thank you! Always like a duel purpose product. Also, keep updating on your truck, itís pretty cool what youíre building.

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    Hope the glue fixed your issue. It such a hassle to always remount the wheels and tires because of your bead leak issue.

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