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Thread: Big Ford Faceplant?

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    Big Ford Faceplant?

    Is it just me, or is there something extremely fundamentally wrong with making an electric crossover, and then try to pass it off with slapping the Mustang name on it?

    2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium $53,500 (

    If they want to make an electric crossover - fine. I've got nothing wrong with that. But, if calling it a Mustang is the only way they can sell it, then maybe they need to do a better job of designing something someone actually wants to drive. Why insult their core customer base, and muscle car fans, with trying to pass off a e-crossover as the next Gen Mustang?

    No thanks.
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    Maybe call it "Lil Filly"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Card View Post
    Maybe call it "Lil Filly"?
    Did you just assume this mustangs identity? How insensitive.

    Maybe it's a "little colt" who identifies as a "little filly"
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    <<<<<< I use John Wayne as my photo. Nuff said.
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    Them calling it a Mustang doesn't bother me very much...primarily because the day may come when the good 'ole internal combustion engine is no more and the Mustang name lives on with this thing. I actually saw a comprehensive review of this vehicle and it's quite nice. I'd say in 10-15 years it may actually be worth buying one for those that do longer trips.

    But I'm sure we all know that this technology and the improvements of such is going to be rolled out in's all about sales and the last thing they're going to do is bust out the end all be all before it's time is due. So here it is 2021 and I'd say the sales numbers by the year 2030 will pretty much determine when the big "switchover" happens...when most of the cars on the road are electric. My best guess right now?...2050, maybe even longer than that.
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