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Thread: Extra large hiking backpack

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    Extra large hiking backpack

    Good day to all: me with my wife are planning to hike the next month. So we are starting to buy our equipment so we can begin our hiking. We are currently looking for recommendations on extra-large backpacks for us that I can buy.
    In this link, I found few options but a bit confused to select the right one. Anyone do you have ideas about them?

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    When I was a boy scout, I am convinced that I had the worst, cheapest backpack and other gear on the planet. Since then, gear has been one of my quests. I love good gear. This is the company that produces the packs I have fallen in love with. Osprey.

    These packs fit like a glove. I have packed light and heavy. I have packed a bucket of ice cream and two 2 liters of root beer along with all my tent, sleeping bag etc. to a bunch of boy scouts in the Uintah mountains. Check out this company's packs. I am not an employee or sales rep. I paid for my packs out of my pocket.
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    "Large" can be quite variable...3 nights out? 10 nights out? For anything over 3 nights, I take this one. It's a big boy...I've done 12 night epics with this and it certainly has plenty of room.

    I own plenty of internal frame packs, but if you're going to carry any more than 35 lbs the an external frame is the way to go. This one is nearly 20 years old and I've had to send it to Kelty for rips, tears and repairs at least 3 times (the Grand Canyon has a way of really tearing things up) and I'm not sure they even make these anymore...but if you can find a large capacity pack like this I would buy it. Otherwise my internal frame packs are all Golites...great packs but they've been out of business for a while.

    Oops...sideways. But you get the idea.

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