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Thread: Merry Christmas 2020 - what did ya get?

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    Merry Christmas 2020 - what did ya get?

    My wife surprised me with an AR-15, she must've asked Dirk where to get one.

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    I didn't get jack shit. But that's partly by design...I may be the hardest person in the world to buy for. I have everything I need and most of what I want...and the things I want no one can afford to buy me anyway! Also, I'm supremely practical...those that know me understand that anything and everything I have serves a purpose...they know that they'd have to nail it, so I tell them not to bother. I always say..."Just be nice to me all the time and be there when I need a favor from you, 'cuz you can always depend on that from me". That's the greatest gift of all and respect.

    Don't even think about buying me clothes...I prefer quality, so it's all usually expensive, even the socks. I'm not into bling or anything flashy or even "trendy" buying garments for me is like a wild shot in the dark. Again, I tell them not to bother...I usually end up buying clothes for them...800 fill down jackets, flannel lined Carhartt pants for cold (excellent), hand made leather gore-tex boots. It's good to be king...just treat me like one.
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    There is nothing you can buy me that I want that I don't already have...

    When someone asks what I want I always answer the same... "your time, let's go to lunch, dinner, coffee or a drink."

    Time is the most valuable and precious thing you can give me.

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    Check out this mystery art project i got for Christmas, don't tell me what it is yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sombeech View Post
    Check out this mystery art project i got for Christmas, don't tell me what it is yet

    That's some scary looking stuff.

    You should feel bad coming on here and triggering us.
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    It'll come back.

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