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Thread: Monolith discovered in remote southern Utah

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    Monolith discovered in remote southern Utah

    Who is up for an adventure? Any guesses on location?

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    If you get angry at canyoneers for leaving rock bolts in canyons then why wouldn't you lose your shit over this too?

    Fancy litter.
    It's only "science" if it supports the narrative.

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    A wag would be the North Wash. Reasonably close to a road.

    But yes, massive trash. Hopefully doesn't become the new norm to create garbage displays like this.

    I'd personally take the damn thing out and sell it for scrap. That's not a cheap hunk of metal.

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    It has been located. The news reports really hyped the location as extremely remote. Funny how those words can be so relative. It isn't all that remote, actually. Just off the Lockhart Basin road, an easy day trip from Moab. You could be back in town with time for a soak in the hot tub and still beat the dinner rush.

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    Historical satellite imagery shows it appeared sometime between 8/15 and 10/16, so at least 4 years now.

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