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Thread: South Fork Choprock and Neon, Oct 2020

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    South Fork Choprock and Neon, Oct 2020

    I made a video of our Choprock/Neon Trip last weekend, really dry conditions:

    The last pothole in Neon is full of sand. Also, the road to Egypt is bumpy, but IMHO passable for the adventurous in a passenger car.

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    LOL that's literally the exact same campsite that I camped in when I did the Neon/Chop a little while back.

    When we did Chop it was also in easy mode, and I remember that we kept marveling about how challenging it was in dry conditions...and how much more treacherously difficult it would've been if it were full of cold water. That last 1/2 mile stretches on forever - you keep thinking the last rap is just around the corner and then nope, more scrambling, more dryfalls.

    I regret that I didn't take more photos, so thanks for posting this lengthy video.
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    Haha, yeah it's definitely too long for most. But I always have trouble choosing stuff to remove... Thanks for watching, rockgremlin.

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