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Thread: Constrychnine, Poison Spring Area, 09/13/2020

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    Constrychnine, Poison Spring Area, 09/13/2020

    Pick a area, flip a coin, get the beta, check previous trip reports, head for the canyon you haven't done in awhile and just go.

    Constrychnine canyon won the toss. It is a fun canyon with big rappels, amazing scenery, easy approach, a dark chamber,
    and, if you pick the climb-up/exit right at the canyon exit with the 4th class crack climb, you get your heart pumping real nice.

    All the rappel anchors are in great shape. The canyon was bone dry. It was a little hot, mid 80's or so.

    We had the area to ourselves.

    Thanks to my Canyoneering partners: Beth, Lori, Carl, Jeremy and my grand daughter Alijeh.
    They all took some nice photos

    All of my Flickr pics are here:

    My favorite pictures

    Name:  Constrychnine00004.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine00030.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine00050.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine00060.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine00350.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine00440.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine01460.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine00710.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine01530.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine01540.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine01560.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine01710.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine01950.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine02080.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine02260.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine02510.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine02530.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine02590.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine02710.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine02730.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine02760.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine02810.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine02880.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine02920.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine03140.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine03170.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine03400.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine03550.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine03600.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine03630.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine03680.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine03700.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine03710.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine03730.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine03750.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine03920.jpg
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    Name:  Constrychnine03990.jpg
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