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Thread: Backpack to Union Falls & Ouzel Pool

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    Backpack to Union Falls & Ouzel Pool

    My brother and some friends recently did a backpacking trip to Yellowstone to see Union Falls, Ouzel Pool (Scout Pool) and a "secret" warm waterfall too.

    The video was too good not to share, hope you enjoy!
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    Wow thanks for sharing this. I was in Yellowstone just a few weeks ago, but I was unable to visit these exotic and far reaching locations. Guess I'll add another one to the bucket list.

    Also enjoyed the music selection - I'm a HUGE Ulrich Schnauss fan.

    Round trip about how many miles was this loop?
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    Nice jman! I've been to Yellowstone 3 times for at least 10 days each but I was unaware of this hike.

    This winter I'll be buying an RV...a Hallmark pop up camper on an F-350 and I'll be taking 3/4 of next summer off of work, which means I'll be traveling all over the place and only come home occasionally to take care of the most important long time clients that beg and plead. Might even drive up to Alaska. I'll certainly hang out in Yellowstone for a week or so and do this backpack.

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    That was a sweet video. Your group, like my group, seems to have food as a priority. (Loved the opening breakfast scene)
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    Nice video, appreciate the share.

    I really like the Bechler/Falls river area, need to do more.

    I've seen many bears in this area(both varieties) did you have any sightings or sign?

    Always wanted to go to Shoshone from there, doubt I'll get that one in.
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