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Thread: Neighborhood Shenanigans

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    Neighborhood Shenanigans

    Young adults allege they were held at gunpoint after running across Southern Utah manís lawn while playing a game

    @rockgremlin and I were very close to situations like this many times, but we always got away.

    Anybody else have stories like this?

    ďGet down, boy. What are you doing looking into our f****** (expletive) house? F*** you. You donít play games in peopleís yards. You think thatís funny, huh? Youíre lucky you didnít get shot you mother*******. I was ready to shoot you. Iíve got a f***** gun right here you mother******* if any of you f****** do anything. Iím gonna have them arrest you,Ē the men stated in an audio recording of incident obtained exclusively by ABC4 News.

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    Been there done that...

    At least from the kids side....

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    Ok, boomers! Lol

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