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Thread: Raping Covid

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    Raping Covid

    Is anyone else taking advantage of Covid-19?

    I bought nonstop round trip airfare in April from SLC to Cancun on Delta for $300 a ticket. Best of all I have two years to use the tickets, which are normally around $500 a ticket.

    In May I booked 2 weeks at an all inclusive Resort in Akumal Mexico for half price of what we normally pay. Best of all I can cancel with 24 hours notice and don't have to pay until I arrive. I paid $3200 for this trip last year paid $1650 this year.

    On March 24th I dumped $40k into mutual funds when stocks were in the basement and could sell them today for $54k.

    This week I helped my father buy a nearly new Corvette (under 3k miles) that should have sold for $60k for $45k because the seller owned a couple bars and needed cash now.

    I have a few more wins but those are the highlights.

    And wearing a mask still sucks...

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    My brother RT'd from L.A. to Denver for $29. No checked bags, but still.

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    SLC to Denver or San Diego were both $29 a couple weeks ago. I almost bought SLC to San Diego so I could lounge on the beach for a couple of days. But then I backed out when it dawned on me that CA is a Democrat shithole and will attempt to keep its residents in lockdown until after November 4th.

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    You don't want to come to Colorado either. Democrats run the place and masks are required in public places. Best that all out of staters boycott Colorado for the next few years.......maybe longer.

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    Californians fleeing California have ruined Colorado. Utah is now beginning to experience this problem.

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