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Thread: Potential New Pandemic

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    Potential New Pandemic

    Coronavirus is fading, couldn't justify mail in voting. Race riots won't keep people inside anymore.

    So what can they attempt now?

    A new virus. They might have resolved the weakness of the covid bug, made one a bit more dangerous.

    How do you think China felt when Trump won? Would Biden be softer on China? [Yes] Has Trump stood up to China? [Yes]

    China doesn't like to lose. If this virus fails again, harder push to mail in voting whichever way possible. China can print hundreds of millions of ballots, same paper, oops lost in the mail but showed up at the ballot, and lookie here Biden wins. No mystery, right? The "polls" show he's ahead so it was expected.

    Just ask one question, Is China capable of this? You know the answer.

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    Oh and by the way, the American Postal Workers Union just endorsed Joe Biden.

    Go ahead and mail in your ballot, should be safe and sound.

    Not to mention camera footage showing a postal worker dumping campaign material for a sheriff they didn't like, straight into the dumpster.

    Even CNN has a story from 4 years ago, this link probably won't stay Live for much longer

    Yeah that mail in voting should give us all warm fuzzy cozy confidence. For the Dems worrying about the integrity of our elections for 3 years, they sure don't give a single crap about it this time.

    Pandemic = mail in voting

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    Democrats are the virus.... YMMV

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