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Thread: What is your Favorite Equipment for the Outdoors?

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    What is your Favorite Equipment for the Outdoors?

    My wife loves the outdoors but dislikes camping. I have spent years trying to figure out how to make camping more enjoyable for her. I thought it would be fun to have a post for us to share our favorite toys that we use to make the Outdoors more comfortable and enjoyable. I'll start sharing some of my favorite outdoorsy items and I'm hoping others will do the same.
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    As far as car camping goes, it is hard to beat the Springbar tent. We have the Highline 8 and we love it.

    Tips for purchasing:
    • You can customize your tent when you are ordering it from Kirkhams. Here is what I recommend:
      • Triangular windows on both ends for air flow
      • Add a 2nd door to have one on both sides.
      • Make sure both sides have large windows for additional air flow (to prevent things from getting hot)

    MSRP: $750

    Tips for usage:

    • We purchased 12 inch industrial screws (with a ratchet ends) and 2 inch washers. We bring a drill with a ratchet drill bit that fits right over those industrial screws and we use use the drill to drive the screws in and retract them. It is way better than hammering stakes. (Bring an extra battery and a physical ratchet incase something goes wrong with your drill)
    • Never put away wet.
    • Bring a dustpan and broom and really clean it before you pack it up.
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    Solar power lights:
    We have loved the Lucie Outdoor lights. We can charge the lights during the drive down in the front window and the lights last all night. We have used these for probably 10 years and probably replaced them twice? We have loved having them.
    MSRP: $20

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    Pop-Up Pod:
    MSRP: $25

    Luggable Loo:

    MSRP: $25


    • Use black trash bags for the Lugable Loo and bring enzymes for a boat toilet or an RV toilet
    • Replace the trashbags somewhat frequently (easier to deal with 2 small bags of human waste than 1 large bag).
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    Electric Shaver:

    MSRP: $40

    My wife and I both like to shave daily. I shave my face and she shaves her legs. Any brand of razor should work but shaving daily helps us to feel more normal.
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    I love my Springbar tent. Those things are heavy suckers - only good for camping within 100 yrds of the truck. But those things last forever. Mine is 30 yrs old, and have only had to replace a bent pole, few stakes, and repair bug mesh. That canvas and seems is strong and extremely stable.
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    Good thread DiscGo.

    I just got back from a 4 day trip to southern Utah this last weekend and went from Moab to Hanksville to Capitol Reef to Bryce and the top of Kanaraville (the alternative route to Kolob Reservoir).

    And it was hot (sleeping at night was between 80-90 degrees) and dusty and windy.

    One thing I used every night before bed was just a black bag with a sprayer used as a portable hot shower. Itís great to get clean before bed. Itís very refreshing.

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    My wife loves camping so long as the motel has a pool.

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    We have purchased multiple brands of hammocks and our favorite has been Gold Armour Camping Hammock. The built-in carabiners and looped straps making setting it up very simple. We love to use these whenever we have trees around.
    MSRP: $30

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    We often stack our hammocks one on top of the other which requires less space.

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    Lifestraw Water Bottle:
    MSRP: $30

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    As evidenced in this thread from 4 years ago, I once got lost and was concerned that I would die of dehydration in the desert. I genuinely credit my lifestraw water bottle as having helped to save my life or at least to divert a personal disaster. I now bring a lifestraw with me whenever I go hiking or camping.
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    Camping? What's that? We used to tent camp years ago and I still have all my rugged tent gear, Coleman equipment, etc.

    Of late though, we take most of the world with us, to include one of our two Jeeps.

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    This just seems to belong here... LOL...

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