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Thread: What are the rules on reserving a campsite with a chair?

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    In my experience you only do this to hold the site while you are at the front kiosk paying for it (and filling out paperwork etc). Its only for a short time, less than 45 minutes. I would be a wee bit miffed if folks were doing this days (or even multiples of hours) in advance.

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    Some campsites can be booked in advance, while some allow you to occupy and pay for a place only upon arrival (the first-come-first-served system). The second option can be interpreted as "first come, first served". There are often mixed camping sites where half of the sites are fully bookable and the other half are for those who can't plan ahead. Given that a number of parks are extremely popular with tourists, some campsites are fully booked several months in advance. This should be taken into account - either book in advance, or look for it on the spot. As for chairs and camping with them, I suggest visiting this site - I wish you the best of luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jman View Post
    That reminds me of my timpanagous Cave parking experience.

    First, parking is quite limited there. Anyway, I pull to the national monument and see a close parking stall.

    As I drive a bit closer to it, I see these two young University if Utah students emerging from the shadows and walking literally into that same parking spot.

    I stop my car, roll down the window and ask if anything was wrong. They replied “you can’t park here because this spot is reserved for our family”. I said “that’s nice of you guys but unfortunately I’m going to take it”. The lady scoffed and said “we’re not moving and if you hit us, we will sue you”. “Okay, you win ill park somewhere else.

    I find a spot maybe a 1/4 mile a way and start walking. I was thinking I would see their family show up by now but nope and I could see them telling others to find a different spot.

    Annoyed, I walked down to them and said “I’m going to take your picture”, as the lady annoyingly said “why?!?!” I said “because what you two are doing is wrong, definitely not ethical or fair to everyone else as we all play by the same rules, and probably illegal”. The lady said something quietly and left and the guy just waved his hand as I took a few pics.

    ...Good times...

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    Experienced the same thing too. My wife saw that my face turned red and told me to just walk away instead of arguing with the old woman at a parking lot.

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