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Thread: Bonneville Speedweek 2020

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    Bonneville Speedweek 2020

    Bonneville Speedweek is nominated for one of the top 10 Motorsports destinations. Vote for your favorite or bucket list item. I'm really looking forward to Speedweek 2020 and I'm praying for good salt.

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    It's official... Bonneville Speedweek 2020 is good to go. The SCTA just announced they have received all necessary permits from the BLM, Tooele County and the Utah State Health department. The hot young stripper wife and I will be on The Salt August 7-9, everyone is welcome to join us, come out for the day, the weekend or the week. There is also a great hot rod show at the State Line on Friday and Saturday nights.

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    Preparation of race course #1 began today. I'm told the salt is really smooth and they will easily have 8+ miles of race course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by accadacca View Post

    World of Speed (USFRA) in September has been canceled. Speedweek (SCTA) in August is still good to go.

    Two completely different events run by two different organizations. Speedweek is the biggest event of the year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post

    World of Speed (USFRA) in September has been canceled. Speedweek (SCTA) in August is still good to go.

    Two completely different events run by two different organizations. Speedweek is the biggest event of the year.
    Ok, we shall see...

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    Yeah gotcha, this is the update I saw...

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    LMAO... You really doubt me when it comes to LSR racing?!?

    Dude... I'm the guy that sets their schedules and agendas.

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    Aug 8-14

    We are in full GO mode and the entire SCTA-BNI crew is working hard!

    No matter what you’ve heard … We will be racing!

    1.) If you feel sick, please stay home.

    2.) If you’re vulnerable, please stay home.

    3.) Social Distancing is a must and masks within 6 ft of others, please.

    4.) For entry to the salt, bring your Covid release form with you. (signed with BLUE ink only)


    SCTA-BNI CANNOT DO IT FOR YOU! We can only follow recommended guidelines, it is up to you to protect yourself and your fellow racers!

    Spread the word, we will be racing Aug 8-14th 2020

    See you on the salt!

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    Attn: Speedweek Racers & Spectators - Here is the Schedule for Speedweek

    Bonneville National SpeedWeek Schedule of Events - August 8 -14, 2020


    7:00 a.m. - Pits Open for Set-up 10:00 a.m. - Fuel Truck Opens
    10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - Inspection and Registration 8:00 p.m. - Salt Closed

    7:00 a.m. - Pits Open for Set-up 9:00 a.m. - Fuel Truck Opens
    8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - Inspection and Registration 8:00 p.m. - Salt Closed

    6:30 a.m. - Salt Opens; Line-up Open
    8:00 a.m. Course Stewards Meeting at Timing Tower
    9:00 a.m. - Mandatory Drivers Meeting (All Drivers / Riders, Crew)
    at Course 1-2 Starting Line
    Rookie Orientation to Follow (All New Drivers, Riders and Crew Must Attend)
    10:00 a.m. (+/-) - Racing Begins!
    5:30 p.m. - Racing Ends 8:00 p.m. - Salt Closed

    6:30 a.m. - Salt Opens (Upon Arrival of the Impound Monitor) 7:30 a.m. Record Return Runs on All Courses,
    Qualifying Starts on All Courses Immediately after Record Runs 5:30 p.m. - Racing Ends
    8:00 p.m. - Salt Closed

    FRIDAY, AUGUST 14 (Or on Last Day of Racing)
    6:30 a.m. - Salt Opens (Upon Arrival of the Impound Monitor)
    7:30 a.m. Record Runs on All Courses, Qualifying Starts on All Courses Immediately after Morning Record Runs and Ends at 11:00 a.m. - All Additional Return Runs Will Be Later on the Same Day.

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    Want to buy a 400 mph Bonneville Streamliner? The current bid is only $19k and that's a bargain.

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    SW Update - 7/23/2020


    As we get closer & closer to Speedweek 2020, we would like to keep you informed of what’s happening in town.

    In a message from West Wendover, Nv. Mayor Daniel J. Corona wants to let us know that restrictions on the Nevada side are different from Wendover on the Utah side. Along with masks in public, there are 50% occupancy caps at markets, restaurants & casinos. Bars are currently closed, along with local parks, gathering of no more than 10 people, also social distancing is in place. We would like to thank Mayor Corona for keeping us up to date of the Nevada side. Please remember we are guests in both of these cities and need to be respectful in everything we do there.

    We have reached out to Smith’s Foods, who always take care of all our needs at Speedweek. They are looking forward to serving us once again! They have lengthened their hours to help us. (they’ll be open until 11pm). To help them we ask that you shop in off hours, like early morning or in the evening. Remember the residents of both towns here depend on Smith’s for most of their grocery needs. In these “crazy times” there are some items in short supply as you all know. If possible try to bring these items with you. Other than that, they’re ready for business as usual! Of course there are some COVID stipulations just like everywhere else. Masks at all times, social distancing & pretty much just plain old common sense. They do have a store capacity of 264 at a time. They don’t think that will be a problem if we shop during the off hours. They’re doing their best for us so let’s give them our best too!

    Stay tuned for more updates as they happen!

    Pat McDowell
    BNI Chairman

    Bill Lattin
    SCTA President

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    Light dragging on both courses today. Course #1 & #2 have 9+ miles– Both Courses: From Mile #1 to Mile #3 are very nice & smooth. From Mile #3 to Mile #6 it gets a little bumpy, but it didn’t jolt my truck at 70mph with my hands off of the wheel. The salt is durable enough to handle the heavy drag so we have been knocking down the high spots and filling the low spots. We have drug the courses several times and they seem to get better & better. Dragging is now complete.

    We are almost race ready! Looking good! Pits are coming together & will be ready soon. Remember we are social distancing in the pit area. We are using every other pit space. The empty pit spaces may be used for parking, but please no gatherings.

    Return roads are marked, turnouts are being done. Everything is really taking shape.


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    Bonneville Speedweek 2020. Shauna and I will be on The Salt August 7 thru 9... if you have never been it's a great time. Easy enough to drive out from Salt Lake City for the day.

    From my own experience pack a cooler and snacks. Hanging around the starting line is where all the action is, that will be the large group of people and cars furthest south. I can't wait!!! The earlier in the week you go the better.... things are really hopping the first 4 days, after that things really die down as cars head home. There is also a big hot rod show Friday and Saturday night at the Golden Nugget Casino, which is free.

    RADIO: The track PA system is also broadcast over 88.7 FM so you can listen over your car radio or bring a portable radio.


    The Bonneville Speedway is located approximately 88 miles west of Salt Lake City, UT right off Interstate 80. Wendover is the closest town to the salt flats for accommodations, food, casinos & night life. The spectacular scenery and racing conditions at Bonneville make it one of the most popular areas in the world for speed.

    Speed Week consists of seven days of racing in August and World Final is four days of racing in October.

    ALL vehicles are allowed to run every day, weather and conditions permitting. There are no special days for motorcycles or cars, etc.

    There is no camping ON the salt. EVERYONE must exit the salt at dusk.

    Private campgrounds and hookups are available in nearby Wendover. Free camping on BLM land West of the salt near bend of the road.

    You can purchase entry passes daily/weekly at the entrance to the salt.

    Spectators are allowed to walk through the pits, view the vehicles, and talk to the drivers and crew members. Public parking is south of the pit area, on the west side of the race track, outside of the cones.

    Be sure to bring a hat, and shade from the sun. If you intend to set up a 'semi-permanent' spectator area, you must secure a tarp as a floor covering on the salt.

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    ***2020 Bonneville Speedweek***
    If you are going to Speedweek this year you need to download and sign (in BLUE ink) the forms in the following link. The forms say if you catch Covid it's your own damn fault. You will not be allowed on the salt without these forms signed.

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    I was in Wendover for the Speedweek kickoff. I parked next to a guy sporting a 429mph license plate. Lots and lots of old dragster style cars out and about. In town, most every parking lot covered in layers of white salt!
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    We went out Friday morning and stayed an extra day. We drove back to SLC this morning and I dropped the wife off at her work on the way home. She was joking about the last time she was making the high speed early morning run from Wendover trying to get to work on time she was 21 years old... LOL...

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    Speed Demon just set a class record of 437 mph. Next target is the all time wheel driven record of 448.75 mph. It appears they have the speed and salt to do it as they ran 450 mph in mile 5.

    FWIW - LSR is the average of two runs through the measured mile.

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    Speed Demon just shattered the wheel driven LSR with a 470.012 mph two run average.

    I think that's about all they can get out of the car without better salt. I think they need another mile of salt to reach 500 mph, but they could do it then as they are still accelerating when they exit the 5 mile.

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    Speed Demon has switched to the smaller "E" engine (256 ci) and will be gunning for more LSR's later today. 348 mph is the E Class record.

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