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Thread: Willard Canyon Waterfalls

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    Willard Canyon Waterfalls

    Willard Canyon is a lesser known destination for incredible waterfalls in the springtime. You can see 2 of the 4 falls from the Freeway while driving past the Willard Bay North Marina. This past week, a buddy and I hiked this canyon twice. The hike is relatively short,maybe 2 miles if you want to go up above the main falls, but there are multiple trails and forks to explore. The immediate approach is a fairly steep hike for about 1/4 mile until it reaches a short double track path.

    Here are a few videos so far. I've got more video coming that will show these lush groves with gorgeous rushing waterfalls, stay tuned. You might also see the cliffside hiking clip in the media this week.

    A view of the freeway and Willard Bay

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    Thnx for the sweaty palms.

    Those falls look pristine enough to drink from.
    It's only "science" if it supports the narrative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockgremlin View Post
    Thnx for the sweaty palms.

    Those falls look pristine enough to drink from.
    One small fork took us up to the top of the 3rd waterfall which was a huge spring rushing right out of the mountain, they had tarps over it to reduce the splash and erosion, I assume. Then they had a big manhole and some water valves nearby, with a bunch of chlorine tablet jugs, we assumed this is where some residents get drinking water, although I don't know if it would go through any other treatment.

    Another thing about this canyon is there are pipes everywhere. We probably saw 5 different pipelines of all different ages running through the canyon. Each time we would cross another new pipe we would laugh.

    Then we were surprised to come across an old concrete dam ruin, we assume this was the time prior to Willard Bay, maybe they used this for their irrigation. Being in this area, fresh water must have been better than gold to these people, being in the desert and on the borders of a salty lake.

    This is a big concrete slap he is standing on also.

    We could assume this dam broke long ago and washed out that big bend downstream. Behind me, there is a remnant of an old road. We assumed the road went all the way down and merged with the old doubletrack down lower, but the road was washed out with the dam.

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    Finally got to the main video, after 3 hikes up here in the past 2 weeks. Great hike, but hurry before the water dries up.

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