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Thread: Blue Wonder and the Narrow Fork

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    Blue Wonder and the Narrow Fork

    In October 2019 I got through Blue Wonder in Sidestep Canyon (N of Church Wells, Utah); I learned the name thru this forum. I returned last week and we went through it again (seemed easier the second time of course) and then located the entrance to a north fork that would, we hoped, lead us back to Blue Wonder not far from the mouth. I call this the Narrow Fork. There might be a different way, but the entrance we found started with a narrows section almost as narrow as infamous Brimstone Canyon. But not quite. Narrower than Egypt 3 narrows. One could slowly move along and get to the end of the narrows. Then there was a drop that required a rope and at the end of that we were quite confused as to where we were. In fact we were back in Blue Wonder, not far from the mouth! Has anyone every explored this somewhat obscure fork of Blue Wonder? It was not super rewarding (photography was difficult), but a challenge to get through, so satisfying.

    We carried packs through everything, which was a pain, but manageable.

    I will eventually post a full report on my web page ( Couple pics here with one question. First, let me say that this area is remarkable for its stalagmites. I found a great one in October. I found a nice one this time. But the October one seems to be gone. So their life-span is short. Second, this is called Blue Wonder because the light filtering in turns the white walls a little bluish. But look at the pic of me below: The blue behind me is shockingly strong. It is coming from my shirt. But is it a mere reflection with the wall acting like a mirror? Or is something else going on? Why would the walls reflect?

    Too blue:

    Name:  SidestepStanBlueWonderNarrowsBySunnyStoeer.jpg
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    Canyon portrait

    Name:  SidestepCanyonHorizontal.jpg
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    Paul Gagner climbing through the crux.

    Name:  SideStepSlotPaulClimbingCrux.jpg
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    The narrows of the Narrow Fork:
    Name:  SideStepSideCanyonSunnyInNarrows.jpg
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    Wow! That's perfect for my claustrophobia. Lol.

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    I found this picture which canyoneers might enjoy. These very narrow, but passable, slots are fascinating, and fun. This is not main Blue Wonder, but the obscure N Fork. N for narrow and north.

    Name:  SidestepCanyonPaulInNarrows.jpg
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