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    Just curious... how long do you think it will be before Prince Harry asks Megan for his balls back?!?

    Prince Harry is friendless and unemployed in LA, misses 'having a structure'

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    What an idiot. All for a 40 year old, utterly vapid Hollywooder? Can you imagine the ridiculous conversations they have? He's well educated. Dumb, but "well educated" as a fine English gentleman.

    You can imagine this exact dynamic played out with Prince Charles and airhead Diana.

    And Cressida Bonas, his ex, hot from pics I've seen, was jettisoned. At least he could have had 15 fun years before the 40's drudgery of a female body that's starting to wane. To be replaced by conversation. Brutal honesty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dougrz View Post
    And Cressida Bonas, his ex, hot from pics I've seen, was jettisoned.

    Completely agree. Cressida is hot.

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    What an idiot.
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    Oh, we’ve all been pussy whipped at one time or another. But you’d think he would’ve experienced that before he was 25...when he was dating all those attractive young women.

    Either really bad timing or he’s a born lightweight. His wife may be a fine woman for all I know....but his behavior seems foolish.
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    What gets me is Harry was in a position where he could make a difference for the betterment of all mankind.... at the very least he was in a position where he could greatly help his country for the better... very few people ever get that opportunity unencumbered of debts owed... and he threw it all away for pussy.

    I hope I leave this world a better place then when I arrived, but no matter what happens I'll never have the opportunities to improve it that Harry did.

    All I can say is that must be some outstanding pussy.

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