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Thread: Hidden Valley Trail above Ogden

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    Hidden Valley Trail above Ogden

    This hike has been on my list for a couple of years, it's right above Ogden with some great views. Trailhead starts at 22nd street, start like you're headed up the old Indian Trail and then it forks to the south. I'd show you my Strava file but the GPS freaked out.

    This was a hair under the "strenuous" level for a trail, it's fairly steep in some places, gaining a couple thousand feet in 2.5 miles. It ends at a big rock altar, or big pile of stones, overlooking Taylor Canyon, which trailhead is the top of 27th, and looking across to Malans Peak.

    My bike is waiting for warranty parts, so I had to sacrifice a bit and go hiking with my wife.

    I'll have some video coming shortly, here are some pictures.

    From the drone, don't expect to see this view up there

    The usual ending point

    A little snow still

    Some shells, I'm not sure if these are remnants from old Lake Bonneville or not, if so they'd be thousands of years old, and I'm way above the Shoreline level here. I'm thinking these were more of a slug. There must be somebody that knows the answer.

    A couple of small meadows up there, would be a cool overnight spot

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