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Thread: Breakin' Outta Quarantine

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    @Iceaxe What's your choice for motel up at Lava? What are the average rates at the moment?

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    Lava Hot Springs Inn is the only place we stay because they have their own pools and my beer cooler is in the room 50 feet away. Rooms begin at $94 a night and includes a nice breakfast. I don't know what other rates are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueeyes View Post

    You better get the Triquini for the hot young stripper wife

    Blueeyes you made me splutter and laugh out loud, thanks!
    Can you send me a new keyboard please? {G}

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    Pro Tip: If you stay at the Lava Hot Springs Inn and rent the room Spa 1, their is already a Gopro mount on the side of the fireplace so no need to bring one from home.


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    Send it, bruh.

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    Round II - We went back up to Lava Hot Springs for the weekend because it's one of the few places where we can enjoy a normal weekend.

    Things were a little different this week as more people are figuring out this is a great escape weekend during lockdown. More people but also the town was a lot more open. Some of the restaurants were open with outdoor seating. More restaurants open with curbside pickup.

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    Nice...but it looks like you've got a chunk of that duck shit in your drinks there.
    Suddenly my feet are feet of mud
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