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Thread: The Q Anon theory

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    Hannity says he has big news tonight, and it's rumored that Flynn will be exonerated, or whatever the term is, pardoned, or let off the hook. I'm sure the theory will say "now it begins because Flynn is free".

    All I've gotta say is ARRESTS or GTFO

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    The prob with these theories is they never end. Some quack will come up with more cryptic messages to feed the frenzy about why things suddenly changed and here is the new plan. Then the “decoders” make more cryptic YouTube videos and their followers are suckered into more hogwash.

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    Yeah some of these guys take it way too far, like looking at the exact time that a Tweet was made, matching that timestamp to a number that means something else. Crazy stuff like that. Honestly, it's pretty difficult to nail down the minute that your Tweet will be posted, network could be slow or overloaded, things like that. Some will count the capital letters in a sentence, match them up with numbers and make a phrase with them, HOLY SHIT you people, that's when I had to leave some groups.

    I think the Coronavirus brought out every conspiracy theory; Moon Landing Faked, 9/11 planned by Bush, all the classics. It is true however, that some of the things were POSSIBLE, like some public shootings, there was something definitely off. The Las Vegas shooting, something is definitely up with that.

    The quarantine seemed like a perfect time to perform some massive tasks, while everybody was stuck inside and the news was total COVID coverage. I guess if they STILL want these arrests to be off the radar, it could take a while to find out about them. But then again, a picture or 2 of a raid would sure help the conspiracy theory.

    But I will say there are some interesting things that are happening. Trump is ending the Federal Reserve, but then he publicly said that during the campaign. But nobody thought it could happen. It's not totally gone yet, but look what Trump has done, and made it shift with the Central Bank, and how much Trump is in charge of it now.

    That's not to credit the Q theory, but they did say it would happen. But so did Trump.

    Currently, I'm still not sitting on either side of it, I'm just listening to all sides and seeing what happens. This Q Anon thing is really taking off though, millions of followers. But then again, so is the Flat Earth theory LOL

    In the end, the intel could be correct, but it's everybody else that makes assumptions and looks foolish. Like the number/time matching stuff.

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    OK something definitely weird with Kim Jung Un's current status, and what Trump is NOT saying about it. Trump thought it was a fake report that he wasn't doing that well, it sounds like Trump definitely knows Kim's status. He's either doing great and is healthy, or he is dead. But Trump knows. He specifically said he does "not want to say" when he spoke to Kim last.

    The question is, why wouldn't Trump let the status be known, what if Kim was actually on his way to the U.S. for something?

    Not really a Q theory, but lump it in with other theories that are quite possible at the moment. Something is up with that. Hell maybe he was assassinated, and Trump knows who did it.

    Because we know, WE KNOW we would have gone to war with North Korea if Trump wasn't president. If Kim's dead, that's probably some bad news, somebody else would come in that wants war.

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    Trump is trolling NK... By saying he knows Kim's status he puts NK in a huge quandary... if Trump actually knows it means that NK has a terrible security breach and the reason Trump wouldn't say anymore is he doesn't want to jeopardize or lose the assest... if Trump doesn't know it's still a positive as he has sewn distrust among the NK inner circle. Not to mention NK is about to spend billions of dollars and man hours looking for a security leak that doesn't actually exist.

    As for Kim successor it would most likely be his sister and NK would continue to roll along with like change.

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    Hmmm. Interesting.

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    It's coming out now that a lot of these Deep State players and operatives have been communicating via video game chat, like this log from Star Wars Commander

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    And in game chat seemed to be disabled during some shootings, or as they call them False Flags, since they dominate the media and distract everybody for a bit. The theory behind these is while the media is totally dominated and focused on the shooting while something else gets slipped into play in the background.

    That's just the theory. I'm not saying I'm on board with any of it, but we should ask ourselves "would it be possible".

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    It'll come back.

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    I'm not Spartacus

    It'll come back.

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    Guns don't kill people--Static Ropes Do!!

    Who Is John Galt?

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    Supposedly, there's a reason why Congress didn't return to work this week, and it's NOT COVID related. Curious, what could be happening.

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    Do you guys remember who Seth Rich was, and that he was mysteriously killed?

    I'm not saying this Q Anon thing is real, but consider this; If Seth Rich's murder case resurfaces in the coming months, then this Q movement has some true legitimacy.

    Stay tuned, let's see what happens. All kinds of leaks are coming out now.

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    A friend posted this picture and wrote this message on Facebook. He’s big into the Anon stuff. Crazy talk!


    You want to know what pisses me off the most? The fact that back on the day of 9/11 2001 there was going to be an announcement made around 10am that NESARA/GESARA would be implemented for all Americans which would have given every man and woman 18 or older $100,000 per month for 11 years. That equates to $13,200,000 per person. Those evil elite bankers staged an attack on the pentagon where the announcement was going to come from as well as the trade towers in order to stop us from being liberated and finally enjoying life with wealth. We would all be millionaires right now. Instead we have all had to struggle and suffer for 20 more years. Well I’m here to tell you that the time has come to finally enjoy what’s rightfully ours thanks to DJT. It will happen this year!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post


    What a crock of shite. The real tragedy is that there are so many people who buy this drivel.

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    G sus. This one gives conspiracy theorists a bad name.

    Sounds more like a left wing plant story to make the "right" look nutty. We have examples of this.

    The "conspiracy" is in the open. Decades of leftist schooling, decades of taking control of the media and corporations, and now we're here. They're leftists. This isn't rocket science and doesn't need further explanation.

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