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Thread: The Subway ran in 2 hours 45 min

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    The Subway ran in 2 hours 45 min

    I just saw this pop up on my recommended YouTube feed and thought I'd share it here:

    It's a little under 30min in length but this guy (Kerry Ward) is a ultra marathon runner and started Spry canyon with a friend and finished around 3pm or so and did the Subway right afterwards. He started something like at 5pm or so and ran best he could most of the trail. He did rappel at the mandatory spot, if you are curious. And he hit the Left Fork trailhead at the 2 hours and 45 min mark. And that was his first time doing the Subway too.

    If you want more of his canyoneering episodes, I listed a few of them below:


    Mystery Canyon (this is the day after he ran 100K (or 62 miles)):

    Pine Creek:

    Heaps Canyon (his 4th technical canyon; and not smart as they are not wearing helmets!):
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