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    184 years ago today

    ALAMO, BATTLE OF THE. The siege and the final assault on the Alamo in 1836 constitute the most celebrated military engagement in Texas history. The battle was conspicuous for the large number of illustrious personalities among its combatants. These included Tennessee congressman David Crockett, entrepreneur-adventurer James Bowie, and Mexican president Antonio López de Santa Anna. Although not nationally famous at the time, William Barret Travis achieved lasting distinction as commander at the Alamo. For many Americans and most Texans, the battle has become a symbol of patriotic sacrifice. Traditional popular depictions, including novels, stage plays, and motion pictures, emphasize legendary aspects that often obscure the historical event.
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    My wife's from Austin, so usually make a day trip to San Antonio when we are in town.

    The first time I saw it, I was surprised that it was actually quite a bit smaller than it looks in photos.

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    Nice! I was surprised that it was so small as well...I saw it when I was about 12 years old. I read a book about it, and the entire fort complex was pretty small itself.

    Phil Collins, the musician, is a fanatic regarding the Alamo. He collected and paid millions for artifacts...he recently donated the whole lot the the Alamo trust...apparently you can see all these things in a museum near the site. index.html
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