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Thread: Ogden Canyon Frozen Waterfall

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    Ogden Canyon Frozen Waterfall

    If you're driving around Ogden with the kids, take them up Ogden Canyon to see the ice on the big waterfall before it melts this spring. There is a small pullover spot for several cars at the base of the waterfall, be careful with limited visibility of oncoming traffic though.

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    You know what also limits the visibility? All these wannabe motion photographers flying their drones all around, ruining the scenery and invading people's privacy. That's why I love going to the National Parks - don't have to deal with those suckers there. (JK).

    Awesome shots, as usual. When are you going to take off and be recognized and rewarded for your great videos?
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    I heard the wind from the drone propellers had cooled off the ice even more and blocked the flow of water to the precious ecosystem below.

    To your second question, thank you, and if I had more time and more focus, I would get organized with my content and prime it up for monetization. I just don't have the desire to jump into it at the moment, things are going alright in life I guess.

    One of these days I'll get on it, maybe.

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    Watch for this one in the media, maybe a week or 2

    I'm keeping it unlisted off of social media for this contract.

    Dang, I just remembered I should have hidden "MAGA" somewhere.

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    Featured by USA TODAY

    ABC News, MSN, Yahoo and such.

    I really missed a great opportunity to hide the "MAGA" text somewhere in the video. Next time, I need to remember to do this.

    I'll make the video and I'll post here to see if you guys can find it. If you can't, that's what I'll use. Then once it hits the media I'll show you guys where I put it.

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    done but it didn't like my add blocker.

    hope it worked.
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    It'll come back.

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