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Thread: Thoughts on first aid product for outdoor wound closure?

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    Thoughts on first aid product for outdoor wound closure?

    Hi all! I came across this wound/skin closure product thatís supposed to be good for small cuts or lacerations. Essentially, as long as itís not a tissue depth wound, just something through the upper dermis, and youíre able to properly clean it, this microMend device can apparently close it up without a problem. Looks pretty easy to use, but Iím trying to consider the situations in which Iíd actually have use for it. I was wondering what you all thought about the merits of packing something like this in a first aid kit for shorter day or camping trips vs. longer expeditions. Regardless, seemed harmless to sign up since I'm curious to see what they'll do with their product in the future.

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    I prefer the platinum first aid kit from Disneyland, myself. But thatís just me.
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    I've always just injected myself with midichlorians. It's perfect for numbing the pain of losing a hand or something.

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