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Thread: Coronavirus

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    Omicron variant symptoms appear to be different than the previous COVID-19 symptoms felt from earlier strains, according to experts. Cara Gluck, the chief of clinical services at the Oklahoma City-County Health Department, recently told KOCO News that the omicron variant symptoms are often less severe than the symptoms felt from the delta variant, which makes it hard for people to diagnosis. Omicron variant symptoms often include fever, tiredness, scratchy throat and general sickness, often seen in the common cold. Itís been hard for people nationwide to determine if theyíre infected with COVID-19 ó specifically the omicron variant ó or the cold because the omicron variant actually has genetic code from the common cold.
    Here is an article about the best private hospitals in London. Just for you to know, guys!
    The current theory from scientists in South Africa suggests the coronavirus lingered inside an immunocompromised person long enough to pick up genetic material from the common cold, giving the variant some resemblance to it, according to BBC News

    The good news: It'll likely be over by March, maybe February, and omicron may be the most infectious form this virus is able to take (it's already the most infectious virus known it appears). And in that case, it will continue to dominate future mutations as they occur while, perhaps becoming even less capable of causing damage to the host.

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    You know itís bad when Canadiens start protesting.

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    Tell me again how the China Scam-Demic is not the biggest power and money grab in world history? So I received my free at home government supplied Covid test today. As I was checking it out the first thing I noticed it's "Made In China". WTF!!! The Chinese infect the world and than profit from it... That's f**ked up.

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    Just a heads up... we're about a month away from Democrats claiming they always opposed mask mandates.

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    I can't wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    Just a heads up... we're about a month away from Democrats claiming they always opposed mask mandates.

    Actually, we are just months away from mask mandates and lockdowns being reinstated IMO. They've already started in Philly:

    The reason why I say this is because the midterm elections are coming up this Fall, and there are many pundits who are claiming the Republicans will regain control in a massive "Red Wave". Fearing this, those who have their hands on the levers of power (i.e. Dems and leftist media) will want to reprise the success they enjoyed in the 2020 presidential election by enforcing lockdowns and mail-in ballots.

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    It's only "science" if it supports the narrative.

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    I love the Babylon Bee - the following mask addiction recovery group is hysterical:

    It's only "science" if it supports the narrative.

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    Ha, the bee cracks me up sometimes.

    The Dr I'll watch on occasion who breaks down reports from around the world mentioned the Philly thing and has a practical take on it (around the 6:20 mark). IE Omicron variants can't be stopped. They are going to spread everywhere and they are going to generate immunity. I don't agree with him on taking a jab but I like his graphs and mostly no nonsense take on things, and seeing what variant is doing what where lately and his enthusiasm for natural immunity.

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