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Thread: looking for pictures of Canyoneering regions

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    looking for pictures of Canyoneering regions

    After years and years of pondering and thinking about how to go after a passion of mine, I'm finally working on a website that is tailored to the beginner Canyoneer! (the website isn't live quite yet)

    I already have the domain name registered and close to half of the website is finished. The remaining half is just adding more content (and videos). I'm very excited about this soon-to-be, new resource The domain name itself is in part of why I'm excited about it, as it's easy to remember and spell. The point is to have a resource for your friends who are curious about the sport, but where you can reference to them since you don't want to give a full week lecture on the its and outs of it. I've done that at work dozens of times and countless times to friends and family. It's tailored to be a very in-depth resource for the beginner. It's not going to be an exhaustive list and have over 50 canyoneering knots to remember. It's more focused on the "essentials" of the sport so when the beginner is going to tag-along, they can have a boot-camp resource of what's all involved, what gear to bring, and if this new obsession is worth the all of the hassle. It will also list resources of actual companies that make canyoneering specific gear, which websites have beta, online forums, etc to help people narrow their search as they begin this adventure.

    What its NOT going to be is a beta site or ropewiki clone or anything similar. It also won't be a simple blog site either. A little more professional than that.

    ....Now that you have some context...

    In one particular section of the website I will be showcasing the different canyoneering topography/geography found in the south-west of the United States. The point is to show visual pictures for comparison and contrasting.

    I'm looking for pictures that you are willing to let me use, with your permission, and in return your picture and name will be credited. And of course, you keep all rights. (Essentially, you are just licensing the picture to me). High-def pictures are preferred as I will be able to resize them to fit the parameters of the web page. I can't promise I will use your picture either.

    I'm NOT looking for general nature pictures of the area, but specific canyoneering-related (which means people rappelling, swimming, potholes, the topography with canyoneers in the background) pictures in the following areas:

    Capitol Reef
    Cedar Mesa
    Death Valley
    Grand Canyon
    Lake-Powell (can also include Poison Springs area and Dirty Devil area too)
    North Wash (including Ticaboo)
    Moab (including Arches)
    Red Rock area (nevada)
    Robbers Roost
    San Gabriel Mountains
    San Rafael Swell
    Virgin River Gorge
    Zion (which includes Yant Flat too)

    (There are more areas that I will focus on but I don't want to get too specific quite yet. Later on, for sure. )

    If don't mind - that would be a great help! Also, don't expect them to be published this week. I'm trying to aim by the end of March for when everything can be finalized (except for videos).

    Please email me at


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