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Thread: Ektachrome slide film

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    Ektachrome slide film

    A friend has some old Ektachrome colour slide film from decades ago, undeveloped, still in the film canister. It was taken by her father, now deceased, so it is of some small importance if it can be developed (it may hold childhood pictures of her & her siblings and the family).

    Times have moved on somewhat, as we know, but does anyone know if these could be developed? Kodak have said no to Kodachrome, apparently, but I would assume that's a different process to Ektachrome.

    Any ideas?


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    Ektachrome was different process , E-6, (simpler), and actually more common than Kodachrome. How hot did the the film get in storage.

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    Thanks Kiwi; I'll pass that on. I do believe that my friend has found some other (more local) places that can develop the's all about assurance of a good result (or even half a result) against the cost.

    Thanks again,

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    FYI - since the film was old, its better that it was not developed at all, as the exposed silver halides are pretty stable.. Once developed the dyes fade.

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