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    Where are your ancestors from? How about we start with three generations up or so.

    Do you have any fun stories that you have read about them? Iíll give you a short summary of my immediate family.

    My Grandpa (Motherís side) was born in Fish Haven, Idaho. He lived in various places, including some time in California where he taught school and raised a family. He was also in the Air Force. He retired to his childhood home in Fish Haven. My great-great grandfather was born in Salt Lake City, but lived in Fish Haven. Iíve got quite a few ancestors from the Bear Lake area. My grandpas (3) brothers all lived in Fish Haven as well. They raised raspberries and other crops and sold them to travelers. I spent many summers in the Bear Lake Valley as a kid.

    My Grandma (Motherís side) was born in Bavaria, Germany. She immigrated to New York City as a child and travelled all over the east coast to compete in swimming competitions. Her father was a swim coach and we have dozens of old swim medals that she won. Many generations above my grandma are all from Bavaria, Germany as well. Both of my grandparents were no nonsense, hardworking people and I gave them quite a bit of trouble riding my motorcycle on their lawn in Bear Lake. My grandpa used to yell at me for tearing up his lawn, among other things. I probably deserved most of it.

    My Grandpa (Fatherís side) was born in Maricopa, Arizona. He met my grandma while attending school. They raised their family in Brighton, Utah where he had an auto shop at his home. He was a mechanic by trade. He also spent time in the Army. Before coming to Utah they lived in Los Angeles, California where he worked in the auto parts and repair industry. He was self-taught and learned while working for some other shops. He also had his own shop in the Sugarhouse area of Salt Lake City before working on cars in his own home garage in his later years. Most of my relatives from this side were all from the Maricopa, Arizona area. The generation above them immigrated from England and Sydney, Australia.

    My Grandma (Fatherís side) was born in Liberty, New Mexico. She was raised in Chandler, Arizona. She was a very kind and patient person. She was very artistic and made many watercolor paintings that hang in the homes of my aunts and uncles. She also loved making quilts for her grandchildren and I still have other craft items that she made for me. I remember attending thanksgiving dinners in their basement and working/watching in my grandpaís garage. Their home was right near the mouth of the cottonwood canyons on the Salt Lake City bench.

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    Just did the 23 and me DNA bit. Pretty much confirmed that I'm nothing but white... white on white on white. Though I show a very high number in the neanderthal linkage.

    Wherein it is believed that the homo-sapiens eradicated the neanderthals at some point I can only hope that the whole reparations thing works out.

    Also the earliest of man migration map shows my ancestor (and all of your's too) coming from northeastern Africa... Does this mean that we are all technically African American?

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    I'm as white as they come... 99% northwestern your-a-peein'

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    Iceaxe & double moo:

    I see your (and others) genealogy being from Europe. Historically this is to be expected, considering the then welcomed influx of foreigners into the USA in the last 250 years or so.

    Why is the US so against immigration from Europe now? I'm of the same genus as you both (within a 99.9% probability, based on your two posts) yet I have to have a visa to enter the USA. We could be cousins. If I brought my skills to the US, I would have no guarantee of a green card (or any residency status) for ages.

    [I realise both of you have to have a visa to enter my country too; so it's a two-edged argument.(you would need a visa to get "home" back to your ancestors' home.)]

    Isn't the whole thing ridiculous?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob L View Post
    Why is the US so against immigration from Europe now?

    Isn't the whole thing ridiculous?
    Sadly our immigration system is tilted toward the 3rd World and family members of admittees. The 1965 immigration overhaul favors the "disadvantaged," the threatened, the persecuted, etc. Europe is given the short stick. We don't have a points system favoring skills or common values. We allow unlimited chain migration, where a single admittee can bring dozens of relatives, including the infirm and elderly, in time. It's insane and suicidal.

    It's fundamentally changing our country for the worse. Not because of skin color, but values. 3rd Worlders know corruption, strongmen, and chaos. They bring a desire for big government and limited personal freedom with them. They want to live for free more than they want to breathe free.

    Add the education system that teaches anti-Americanism, and Western Civilization's values are at an inflection point for survival.

    My roots: 1/2 from Lebanon 1915-ish, other half Scotland and Germany 1800s.

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