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Thread: what hiking boots should i buy?

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    what hiking boots should i buy?

    Any preference for boots by your experience? Thanks

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    Well--wilson, we need to know a few more things.

    Will you be using these in rocky terrain?

    Will you be in cold climate areas?

    Will they be subject to being in water, if so exactly what %?

    do you have good hands and fingers, capable off pulling on platinum shoelaces?

    Just so much you didn't mention in your first post.
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    it depends for sure; a pair of brand name (or sort of) on sale with extra coupon from Big 5 can do just as well as a $$$ pair from REI. Same goes for "tennies". Based on my experience. The main things are they need to fit and you need to break in the boots (or your feet) before the upcoming big hike. If you never do a lot of walking over cobbles, and and edgy rock terrain, you don't even need a heavy sole. Too many variables for easy answers.

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    You want one that's breathable if it's hot weather that's for sure.

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    Accidentally posted it twice for some reason.

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    For most hiking I prefer a good pair of Hoka or Saucony trail running shoes. Much lighter and much more comfortable

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